Kasam: Tanuja gets Rishi’s entire family thrown in jail

Jan 10, 2017

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: Rano accuses Tanuja of being enemy of Bedi family and Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) tries to defend Tanuja (Kratika Sengar)

Colors TV’s Kasam Tere Pyar Ki is all set to bring in a fresh new twist in the storyline which will increase the enmity between Tanuja and Rano. After Malika’s reality gets revealed, Rano is shocked knowing that she supported Malika although she had evil intentions against her family. It was expected that Rano would realize her mistake and accept Tanuja as her daughter in law. However, the problems between Rano and Tanuja are all set to get worse and Rishi will find himself being dragged amid their problems. Very soon, viewers will get to see a shocking twist and Tanuja will fall into Bani’s words and will go against the Bedi family. Tanuja will accompany Bani to the Bedi house and will accuse them of doing torture on Tanuja. Bani will also get Bedi family members thrown in jail for harassment against Tanuja. Rishi will be unaware about the sudden turn of events and he will land up in jail and be worried seeing his family members behind bars. The ladies will be enclosed in one lock up and the men in the other one. Rano will tell Rishi that Tanuja is against her and the family and has made false accusations against them. Rano will blame Tanuja for getting them thrown in jail. Rano will bad mouth Tanuja in front of Rishi and will also say that she is enemy of Bedi family. Rishi will not be able to believe Rano’s words and will try to defend Tanuja. Raaj too will be confused with the sudden turn of events as he had not expected Tanuja to take such a step against the family. What is the reason for Tanuja getting Bedi family arrested?  How will Tanuja and Rishi’s relationship get affected by this? Stay tuned for more updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.

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