Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: Custody battle begins, Tanuja gets ready to marry Abhishek

Aug 28, 2017

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki: Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) and Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) get into ugly battle of custody to get Natasha

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki will show that Rishi will reach London in search of his beloved daughter Natasha as he wants to get her back in his life at any cost. Rishi is thrilled to know that Natasha is his daughter and he reaches London in order to confront Tanuja and take them back to India with him. On the other hand, Natasha has also formed a deep bond with Rishi. Natasha misses Rishi and lot and tells Tanuja that she wants to be with Mr. Handsome. Natasha also calls up Rishi and Rishi is thrilled to know that Natasha is remembering him. Natasha admits to Tanuja that she likes Rishi’s family a lot and would love to live in the big family with everyone. Tanuja gets sad hearing Natasha’ words but she knows that Natasha can never live with Rishi. However, Rishi has already made up is mind and he will be determined to get back Natasha at any cost. Rishi lands up at the same hotel where Tanuja and Natasha are living and he is determined to find them. Rishi finally finds Tanuja and confronts her and asks her to return in his life with Natasha. However, Tanuja refuses for it and asks Rishi to go away. Tanuja wants Rishi to leave her life immediately. Rishi will not be able to tolerate Tanuja’s rejection and will demand her to give Natasha to him. Tanuja’s fears will turn true as Rishi will fight for Natasha’s custody and Tanuja will be left helpless.  Tanuja will also be ready to marry Abhishek to retain Natasha’s custody. Who will win the custody battle between Tanuja and Rishi? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.

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