Kawach 16th July 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jul 16, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 16th July 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 3rd July 2016 starring Pari (Mona Singh) and Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya)

Heera tells Pari about Saudamini’s plans to kill The Bundela family people. Heera tells the story about the past where Sudamini came with her 5 year old daughter Manjulika to the haveli and begged Janki to give her shelter. Saudamini told Janki that she will dance and entertain the people of the house. However, Saudamini had intentions to rule over the haveli. Saudamini started to have an evil eye on Jagath.

Saroj warns Janaki about Sudamini and Janki caught Saudamini being intimate with Jagath. Janki asked Saudamini to get out of the house but she pleaded for forgiveness. However, Jagath is under the black magic effect of Saudamini and so he leaves Janki and goes after Saudamini. Heert is called to help the family and she asks them to use black magic to tackle Saudamini. Saudamini tries to kill Janki with poison and Janki pretends to be dead. Saudamini takes Janki’s body away and tried to do black magic on her. However, Janki gets up and stabs Saudamini.

Heera says that Saudamini’s soul will haunt them so she calls her Guru. Guru does a Yagna and locks up Saudamini’s soul in a suitcase. Flashback ends. Heera tells Pari to be careful as she will get her Guru back there. Pari instigates Majulika to try to enter her body and Manjulika fails. Manjulika tries to enter the body of ever family member but is unable to. Saudamini tells her that heera must have given them all a sacred thread and Manjulika should try to break it. Manjulika asks Saudamini to help her. Family is teasing Rajbeer’s sister whose engagement ceremony is going to take place.

Heera meets Guru and he starts havan to get rid of Saudamini and Manjulika’s souls. The engagement ceremony starts and Saudamini in Saroj’s body think so meeting her Guruji who taught her black magic. Saudamini tells him to help her to break the scared thread. Guruji initially refuses her but then he tells her to bring Pari there and only then will he be able to help. Saudamini thinks that she will bring Pari there anyhow. Rajbeer is driving the car and Saudamini’s ghost chokes him and he meets with an accident. Saudamini calls Pari there telling about Rajbeer’s accident. Pari comes there and she leaves with Saudamini in the car. Saudamini tells Manjulika that she has set up a trap for Pari and when she enters the cave, the sacred thread will be broken.


Saudamini stabs the Sadhu doing the Havan and Heer gets shocked seeing the lights in the Mandir going off. Manjulika warns Pari that one member of the family who is dancing will die.

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