Kawach 18th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jun 17, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 18th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 19th June 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 18th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode starts with Pari and Rajbeer’s romantic dance. Everyone admires Pari and Rajbeer’s dance. Right then Manjulika chants black magic spell and pulls Rajbeer towards her. Under the spell of black magic Rajbeer moves away from Pari and shares sensuous dance with Manjulika. All the family members get annoyed with the way Rajbeer dances with Manjulika while the youngsters get jealous of Rajbeer seeing Manjulika’s appeal. After the dance is over Pari questions Rajbeer, Rajbeer says he just dance casually. Natasha taunts Pari over girls coming after Rajbeer, Pari defends.

Pari enjoys with her friends while Manjulia gets annoyed. Manjulika uses black magic spell on Pari and a drink falls on Pari’s dress. In the washroom Pari washes off her the stain and dries it with hairdryer. Manjulika yet again uses black magic and Pari slips and the hairdryer falls in water. Pari is about to fall in water and get electric shock, but Saroj reaches there and stops her from falling in water. Saroj and Pari see the flying lamps and Saroj calls it bad sign. Pari chooses to ignore. Pari joins back in the party and Manjulika gets stunned to see Pari.

Back in Haveli Manjulika talks to her mother’s trunk and tells her that Rajbeer is mad after Manjulika. Manjulika uses black magic spell on Rajbeer, he wakes up and starts going in Manjulika’s direction. Pari notices Rajbeer and rushes after him. Rabeer gets rude with Pari and Pari gets annoyed. Rajbeer gets angry and tells Pari that he loves someone else and doesn’t want to marry Pari. Pari bursts in tears and starts packing her stuff, mom asks Pari reason of packing, Pari informs her about the incidence. Mom says she will talk to Rajbeer.

Rajbeer reaches the hall where all the young ones are about to play antakshari. Mom asks Rajbeer about his conversation with Pari, Rajbeer talks about Manjulika and says he wants to marry her. Mom thinks that Rajbeer is talking about Pari and informs Pari that Rajbeer was merely joking. Pari and Saroj come in the hall while Rajbeer behaves in most weird way. Saroj tells Pari that Rajbeer is under black magic spell and right then Rajbeer faints. Doctor checks Rajbeer and informs that he is sick. Saroj chants hanuman chalisa.

In the morning Rajbeer doesn’t recollect anything.  Pari gets kheer made form puja rice for Rajbeer. Rajbeer eats the kheer and vomits of green color. Saroj informs Pari that  Rajbeer is under black magic spell and she takes Pari to meet a woman in Hanuman temple. The lady hands black thread to Pari and asks her to tie it on Rajbeer’s foot. The lady asks Pari to follow Rajbeer to find out about the witch.

In the night Pari succeeds in  tying the thread on Rajbeer’s foot and follows him in to Manjulika’s haveli. Manjulika notices Pari while Pari gets shocked. Pari asks Manjulika why is she after Ranbeer, Manjulika says she wants to posses Rajbeer. Pari says she will take Rajbeer away, however, Manjulika challenges her that he will come back to Manjulika. Pari says Manjulika cannot win over God. Manjulika makes Rajbeer cry and laugh. Manjulika tells Pari to run or else Rajbeer will die, Pari cries and runs. Manjulika tells Rajbeer to break his alliance with Pari and come back to Manjulika.

Pari comes back home crying, mom sees her, Pari narrates whole incidence to her and tells mom that she cannot marry Rajbeer. Mom asks Rajbeer if he loves Pari, Rajbeer denies.


Pari’s body gets possessed by Manjulika during Pari and Rajbeer’s wedding. Manjulika plans to enjoy married life with Rajbeer in place of Pari.

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