Kawach 25th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jun 24, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 25th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 26th June 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 25th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode starts with Pari waking up suddenly and getting shocked to see herself in bridal ware. Pari thinks that she must have fainted being exhausted. Suddenly Pari sees Manjulika and gets frightened. Pari questions Manjulika on her presence there, Manjulika says she has come to enjoy the married life with Rajbir by staying in Pari’s body. Manjulika tells Pari that she will live in Pari’s body and will torture her body. Manjulika adds that she will not let Pari die easily and not let her live happily. Rajbir enters and Manjulika possesses Pari’s body and starts being sensual with Rajbir. Pari’s body gets tortured. In the morning Pari sees Manjulika sitting on the ceiling fan and warns Pari not to inform anyone about Manjulika. Manjulika threatens to kill Rajbir if Pari tells anyone about Rajbir. Rabir comes and gets close to Pari, however, Rajbir’s niece comes and he leaves.

Pari comes across Saroj and tries to tell her, Manjulika reaches there and uses Pari’s hand to push away Saroj. Saroj falls off from the staircase and gets hurt. Natasha screams that Pari pushed Saroj. Doctor treats Saroj and Saroj tells everyone that she lost the balance and slipped. Mom gets angry with Natasha. Saroj asks Pari to complete what she wants to tell, however, Pari sees Manjulika holding knife on Saroj’s leg. Scared Pari runs away while Saroj prays over lime that turns red. Saroj realizes existence of bad soul around and decides to take Pari to the temple.

Rajbir shows his love bites to Pari and Pari gets shocked to see them. Manjulika laughs at Pari and informs her that she will posses her in the night again. Dadi informs Pari that Rajbir and Pari need to go with her to a place before party.

Pari, Dadi, Rajbir and his niece are in car while Manjulika informs Pari that she will posses her body at 7 pm. Dadi asks Rajbir to halt near temple. The lights in Hanuman temple flicker and the Pandit suspects strong evil spirit around. Dadi, Rajbir and niece get out of the car to go to the temple. Pari’s dupatta gets caught in car door as Manjulika doesn’t want her to enter the temple. It is 6.55 pm and Manjulika wants to stop Pari. But Rajvir comes and takes Pari to the temple, Manjulika gets annoyed and decides to bring Pari out of the temple at any cost. Manjulika possesses rabbit’s body and attracts the niece. Niece runs after the rabbit and falls in gutter. Manjulika saves niece and pandit says the niece is saved by God. A truck comes suddenly and hits Rajbir. Rajbir falls in the gutter, Pari runs to Rajbir while Manjulika enters her. People pull Rajbir out. Manjulika tortures Pari.

Pari screams at Dadi for bringing her to temple and distrusting her by thinking that Pari is possessed by bad evil. Pari then starts crying for emotionally blackmailing Rajbir. Rajbir stops Pari from entering temple while Saroj comes to know that Pari is possessed by bad spirit.

Pari observes herself in the mirror and decides to look stunning in the party. Natasha checks for her black saree and doubts that Pari has taken it. Pari comes to the party wearing Natasha’s saree and in bold black blouse. Rajbir gets awestruck with Pari’s avatar while Saroj gets shocked. Natasha scolds Pari for stealing her saree. Pari reveals all Natasha’s secrets while Natasha gets shocked and Saroj observes Pari.


Manjulika gets close to Rajbir and throws the Mangalsutra away. Pari refuses to go near Rajbir and Manjulika troubles Pari’s body.

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