Kawach 26th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jun 25, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 26th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 2nd July 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 26th June 2016 Written Update Written Episode starts with Natasha getting angry with Pari for insulting her. Natasha decides to pay back to Pari and tells her that she will make her dance in front of everyone. Natasha declares on mic that Pari will dance and to Natasha’s annoyance Pari being possessed by Manjulika groves on song Anga Laga De Re. Everyone praises Pari while Pari looks mockingly at Natasha. Mom and Rajbir praise Pari while Natasha gets irked.

Saroj realizes that there is the house and the space are haunted. Saroj thinks of meeting Kinnar (Eunuch) to solve this problem and to save Pari. However, Manjulika makes Pari go to Saroj and scares Saroj by telling her that if she thinks of meeting Kinnar, Manjulika will harm Pari. Manjulika troubles Pari and Pari helplessly asks Saroj to help her. Saroj asks Manjulika to not trouble Pari and leaves.

In the night possessed Pari gets romantic with Rajbir, Rajbir avoids her saying he doesn’t like Pari being over possessive and goes away. Pari tells Manjulika that Pari and Ranbir love each other and their souls love each other. It is not only lust. Manjulika gets angry and twists Pari’s hands. Rajbir comes back and possessed Pari tells Rajbir that he is still in love with his ex girlfriend, Rajbir gets cozy with possessed Pari. Manjulika throws away Pari’s Mangalsutra that falls in water glass.

Natasha notices Pari walking out of the room, Natasha follows her and reaches old haveli. Manjulika tries to break open her mother’s grave to free her, Natasha wonders about possessed Pari’s actions. Manjulika realizes that Natasha is there and turns towards Natasha with horrified face of Pari. Natasha runs home getting scared and wakes up everyone by telling Pari is not in the house. Rajbir opens the bedroom door and shows asleep Pari. Everyone scolds Natasha.

In the morning Ranbir informs the family that he needs to go to Canada for 15 days for meeting. Dadi insists that he should take Pari with him. Manjulika tells Pari that she will enjoy 15 days with Ranbir in Canada. Pari burns her passport and informs Rajbir to go without her. Manjulika gets angry, troubles Pari and tells her that she will halt Rajbir’s trip. Manjulika makes Pari have head injury to stop Ranbir, but Pari makes Ranbir leave for Canada. Manjulika gets angry.

Natasha taunts possessed Pari, Manjulika in Pari’s body tortures Natasha, Natasha faints being extremely afraid. Manjulika laughs.

Rajbir comes back for roads to the Airport being jam, Manjulika gets happy. Manjulika’s mother call her from grave, Possessed Pari goes to the store room and sees burnt poster of Manjulika’s mother. Manjulika’s mother asks her to put the poster in the hall as Bundela family had burnt her and put her in the trunk 30 years back. Natasha notices Pari in store room.


Manjulika puts her mom’s portrait in Hall, Rajbir throws it back in store room. Manjulika tells Pari to stop them, Pari refuses.

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