Kawach 2nd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jul 01, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 2nd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 3rd July 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 2nd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode starts with Manjulika’s mother Soudamini instructing Manjulika through her portrait to find the keys of the big trunk and to free her. Soudamini narrates the incidence of how she was tortured (Flashback is shown) by Bundela family and was locked in to the big trunk. Eunuch Dev Bala puts Soudamini in the trunk and puts a lock. Dev bala hands over the keys to Dadi and asks her to keep them safe. She informs Dadi that if the trunk gets opened Soudamini’s spirit will be out and will create disaster. Soudamini demands that Manjulika should get the keys and free Soudamini’s soul.  

Possessed by Manjulika, Pari gets Soudamini’s portrait out in the hall. Natasha secretly records it on the phone. In the morning, Mom gets angry to see it and shouts. Natasha blames Pari and shows the video. Pari denies bringing portrait in the Hall. Natasha’s video becomes blank and she gets scolded again. Rajbir and his father try to take the portrait but they can’t move it as Manjulika holds it. She tells Pari to stop Rajbir and his father, Pari refuses. Finally Dadi gets lemon and holy thread from Saroj and puts it around Soudamini’s portrait. The portrait moves and Rajbir takes it back to store room. Manjulika screams.

Manjulika troubles Pari for not helping her while Pari refuses to help. Manjulika gets in Tipsy’s body and throws her in air. Pari gets worried and agrees to help Manjulika to get the keys.

Pari gets tea for Rajbir while Rajbir tries to get close to her, Pari goes far. Rajbir gets confused with Pari’s different attitudes towards him. Pari sees on internet that ghosts get afraid of garlic and throws garlic at Manjulika. Pari runs to Saroj and tells her about Manjulika troubling her in the nights. Pari asks Saroj for the keys, Saroj denies having it. However, later Saroj takes the keys out from home temple and takes it to temple. Meanwhile Manjulika eats garlic and laughs at Pari. Saroj prays to God to help her as she wants to reach temple in time. However, Pari gets possessed by Manjulika at 7 pm and comes flying in Saroj’s way. Saroj suddenly sees haveli in place of temple and gets pushed as Manulika creates tornado. Manjulika gets the key and opens the trunk. Soudamini comes out and announces avenge against Bundela family.

Dev Bala gets the hint of Soudamini coming out and asks her followers to chant Hanuman Chalisa to stop Soudamini. Soudamini announces that she will destroy Bhairavnath. Pari gets up in the morning and wonders about Manjulika’s words that she will get the key. Soudamini possesses Saroj’s body.


Soudamini tells Manjulika that she will avenge Bundela family. Soudamini troubles Bundela family through Saroj.

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