Kawach 3rd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode

Jul 02, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se 3rd July 2016 Written Update Written Episode and Precap 3rd July 2016 starring Pari (Mona Singh) and Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya)


Pari searches for Saroj everywhere but does not find her. Pari is not able to see any family members and suddenly everyone appears and wishes her happy birthday. Dadi and Pari’s mother also comes there to wish her. Saroj comes there and Pari asks her if she managed to free Manjulika’s mother’s soul with the key. Saroj gives her the key and Pari gets happy.

Pari goes to the temple and puts the key under the goddess idol foot. Pari happily tells Rajbeer to take her shopping. Pari looks in the mirror and Majulika appears in front of her and tells her that her plan has failed. Manjulika says that her mother is still in the grave.  Manjulika goes on the bed sayings she has surprise for her. Manjulika become invisible as Rajbeer comes there.

Rajbeer tells Pari to go for shopping but Pari’s mood changes and she says that she does not want to go. Rajbeer gets angry and storms out of there. Rajbeer’s uncle and aunt also have a tiff. Saroj comes to Manjulika and Manjulika asks her howcome she is not dead as yet as she had pulled out her tongue and killed her. Sudamini talks from Saroj’s body and Manjulika is happy seeing that her mother has taken over Saroj’s body. Sudamini says that she wants to take revenge from Bundela family. Sudamini says that she has waited 30 years to seek her revenge and now she has no limitations as she can take over dead or alive bodies. She says that she will now take over Jagath.

Janaki is dressing up and possessed Saroj reaches there. Janki asks her to help her put the neckless. Saroj tightens it too much and Janki suffocates. Janki is about to put the sindoor but Sudamini blows it and it falls on the ground. Janki gets shocked seeing in the mirror where Sudamini writes that she has come back. Janki gets scared and calls Saroj. Sudamini puts the Sindoor or her own head.

Manjulika enters Pari’s body and Romances with Rajbeer. Sudamini makes Janki fall and she gets injured. Jagath plans to cancel the dinner but Janki insists them to go for Pari’s happiness. Everyone is in the restaurant and Sudamini calls Manjulika to scare Janki. Pari goes back to the house and excuses herself saying she has to go to the bathroom. Pari reaches home and dances and Janki says that respectable girls don’t dance. Pari scares her and Janki calls Rajbeer and asks him to come back. Family returns home and sees Janki being scared. Janki also says that she saw Pari dancing but Pari says that she was in the restaurant.


Eunuch says that they have to capture Sudamini’s soul before she destroys them. Sudmini says that she will get back Jagath.

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