Kawach gets extension of 7 weeks on public demand, Naagin 2 wont replace it

Sep 11, 2016

Kavach and Naagin 2 will get aired back to back on Colors TV, Kavach gets extension of 14 episodes

Here is some good news for all Kawach fans out theer. A few weeks back it was reported that the show would go off air earlier than expected and Naagin 2 would take its place. Kawach had started off with a bang and got instant popularity because of its supernatural theme. However, a few weeks down the line, the show started to lose out on its popularity and its position started falling down in the ratings chart. This promoted the makers of the show to pull it off air sooner than its end date and introduce Naagin 2 in its place which is being made by the same production house. However, It seems that Kawach has managed to pick up popularity once again as the channel heads have decided to give an extension to the show. Kawach was supposed to get over in September itself. However, the latest news coming around is that the show has got an extension of 14 episodes which means that it will air atlast for 7 weeks more. The show has gradually managed to increase its fan base in India and is also a highly popular show in the neighboring country. Seems like the makers of the show made sure that the fans’ demands were fulfilled and the series would get and extension. However, the show will have a change in time slot and will soon get shifted to 7pm-8pm time slot. On the other hand, Naagin 2 will take up the 8pm-9pm time slot which means that both supernatural shows will air back to back on weekends. This will be a welcome treat for fans who can enjoy both shows together. Kawach stars Mona Singh dn Vivek Dahiya in lead roles whereas Naagin will have Mouni Roy playing the lead role while the male lead is not decided yet. Stay tuned for more exciting update on Kawach as well as Naagin 2.

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