Kawach (Kavach): Manjulika kills one family member of Bundela house

Jul 16, 2016

Kavach (Kawach): Pari (Mona Singh) trapped by Saudamini after Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya) meets with accident

The current track of Kawach shows that Pari and the family get protected from Manjuliki’s attack because of the scared thread which prevents Manjulika from entering anyone’s body. Pari comes to know about the past where Saudamini entered Rajbeer’s house and pleaded Janki to give her shelter. However, Saudamini betrayed Janki by playing her black magic on Jagath and trapping him in her love trap. However, Janki managed to stab Saudamini and kill her and a Guruji helped to lock up her soul in the suitcase. Heera tells Pari that Guruji will come back to get rid of Saudamini and Manjulika’s soul.

On the other hand, Manjulika is distressed as she is not able to enter anyone’s body because of the scared thread. Pari is happy to finally spend some romantic time with Rajbeer without Manjulika’s interference. Manjulika tells Saudamini to help her to get rid of the scared thread and Saudamini plans to go to her Guruji who taught her black magic. The Guruji tells Saudamini to make Pari come to him and then only will he be able to help her. Saudamini plays a trick where she gets Rajbeer to meet with an accident.

Also Read: http://tvserialnews.com/kawach-pari-witnesses-soudaminis-first-murder-rajbir-doubts-paris-mental-state/ Saudamini calls up Pari telling her about Rajbeer’s accident and Pari reaches there being tensed. Saudamini thinks that she will trap Pari into entering the cave which will help them to get rid of the scared power. It will now be seen that the priest will start performing  havan to get rid of Saudamini and Manjulki’s souls but Saudamini will manage to kill the priest. Heera will be shocked to see the mandir diya’s going off and will be sure that a big doom is going to fall on the Bundela family. On the other hand, Manjulika will threaten Pari that she will kill one member of the family and pari will get tensed. Let’s wait and see whether Pari is able save her family from Manjuilka’s evil intentions.

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