Kawach: Manjulika marries Rajbeer possessing Pari’s body

Jun 19, 2016

Kawach: Manjulika (Mahek Chahal) takes over Pari’s (Mona Singh) body and becomes physically close to Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya)

Colors TV’s new show Kawach (Kavach) has successfully managed to grab the attention of viewers with its spooky track. The show has established itself being a prime time horror series which will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. In the latest episode of the show it is seen that Manjulika takes complete control over Rajbeer and is all set to marry him. Rajbeer tells his mother that he does not love Pari and breaks his engagement so he can be with Manjulika. Manjulika get dressed as a bride and waits for Rajbeer. However, Pari bravely manages to stop Rajbeer from marrying Manjulika with the help of the eunuch lady.

Manjulika’s entire body gets destroyed and Rajbeer comes back to his senses. Pari thinks that Manjulika is finally gone from her and Rajbeer’s life and the two of them get ready for marriage. However, Manjulika suddenly appears before Pari once again in a half burnt condition. Manjulika tells Pari that she loved Rajbeer and wanted to marry him. Manjulika requests Pari to allow her to attend the marriage. Pari agrees for it not knowing that she is inviting a huge storm in her life.

Pari and Rajbeer’s marriage rituals start off and Manjulika appears there. Pari tells Rajbeer about Manjulika but he cannot see her. Pari gets shocked seeing that Mnajulika is wearing the same bridal clothes as her and its next to her. When the marriage rituals start, Pari is shocked seeing Manjulika doing all wedding rituals with Rajbeer. Pari is stunned and faints and the entire family gets shocked.

It will now be seen that Manjulika will completely takes over Pari’s body and will fulfill her desire to be with Rajbeer through Pari’s body. Manjulika will start getting intimate with Rajbeer by possessing Pari’s body. How will Pari be able to remove Manjulika from her and Rajbeer’s life being Rajbeer’s Kawach? Let’s wait and watch.

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