Kawach: Manjulika succeeds in getting Kawach off Pari

Jul 05, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Upcoming: Irked Manjulika will trap Pari with Sowdamini's help, Pari to lose the Kawach

With each passing episode Colors’ Supernatural themed show Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se is gripping the viewers in its story that revolves around Paridhi (Mona Singh), Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya) and Manjulika (Sara Khan). Manjulika it the evil spirit and wants to snatch Rajbir from Paridhi. Paridhi and Rajbir love each other and Paridhi is determined to save Rajbir and her family from evil Manjulika.

It is seen that Manjulika has managed to free the spirit of her evil mother Sowdamini and both together want to claim their revenge against Bundela family. Sowdamini is strong evil spirit who was captured in the old trunk in haveli. However Manjulika manages to get the keys by hurting Saroj Baaisa and frees her mother.

It is seen that Manjulika possessed Pari’s body every night and gets sensual with Rajbir. On the other hand Sowdamini threatens Janki (Rajbir’s mother) and also possesses her. In the upcoming episode Sowdamini will possess Janki and will try to hurt Pari badly. Rajbir will save Pari in time and will be shocked to see his mother’s behavior. Heera will inform Rajbir that his mother has been possessed by evil spirit. Rajbir will refuse to believe but will be shocked with the happenings. Heera will give safety Kawach to Pari to prohibit Manjulika from torturing her.

Pari will get confident against Manjulika with the protection of the Kawach. Manjulika will be furious as she won’t be able to enter Pari’s body. Pari will even get close to Rajbir in front of Manjulika to entice her. Manjulika will decide to get the Kawach off Pari’s body at any cost. Manjulika will seek Sowdamini’s help.

The later story will show Pari losing the Kawach due to Manjulika and Sowdamini’s trap. Manjulika will once again enter Pari and will torture her.

Stay tuned to know more updates on Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se.

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