Kawach: Manjulika's wedding night with Rajveer instead of Pari

Jun 24, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Upcoming: Manjulika to possess Pari's body to spend first wedding night with Rajveer, Pari helpless

Recently started horror and mystery engulfed show Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se has managed to grab viewers’ undivided attention in very quick pace. Rajveer (Vivek Dahiya), Paridhi (Mona Singh) and Manjulika’s (Maheck Chahal) horror filled story is keeping the viewers on toes with sudden twists and nerve wrecking events. The upcoming episode of Kawach will bring unexpected twist as Manjulika will spend the night with Rajveer as she will enter Pari’s body and will posses Pari.

Pari is seen dreadful and scared of Manjulika and Manjulika takes advantage of Pari’s condition to get intimate with Rajveer. Pari will be seen helpless against the witch Manjulika while Rajveer will be left confused with Pari’s changing behavior in Kawach.

As seen till now, Paridhi and Rajveer love each other and are getting married. Manjulika gets attracted to Rajveer and wants him for her. Manjulika possesses Rajveer and warns Paridhi to stay away from him. However, Paridhi still manages to get married to Rajveer. Manjulika possesses Pari’s body during the wedding and manages to get married to Rajveer. Manjulika starts harassing Pari while Pari starts getting terrorized by Manjulika.

Manjulika tries to defame Pari in front of Rajveer’s family by making her drink alcohol. Pari starts behaving in weird way under Manjulika’s black magic spell. Being scared of Manjulika Pari even cancels her honeymoon with Rajveer to Canada. Manjulika thus takes complete control of Pari’s body and mind.

In the upcoming episode, Kawach will showcase Pari and Rajveer’s first wedding night. Manjulika will yet again enter Pari’s body and will make Pari behave in bold and intimate manner. Rajveer will be shocked and thrilled to see Pari’s romantic avatar on the wedding night. However, in reality Manjulika will spend the first wedding night with Rajveer being in Pari’s body.

What will Pari do to stop Manjulika from getting in Pari and Rajveer’s marital life?

To know stay tuned to the updates on Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se.

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