Kawach: Pari to torture Manjulika, Soudamini to approach Aghori Baba

Jul 10, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Upcoming: Manjulika fails to enter Pari's body due to holy thread, Manjulika - Soudamini seek help from Aghori Baba

Finally the story of Colors’ popular show Kawach Kali Shaltiyon Se has taken new turn where Paridhi (Mona Singh) has challenged Manjulika (Sara Khan) that she will be the Kawach and savior of Bundela family. Pari will be seen turning in to fighter against Manjulika and her mother Soudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar). Pari will torture Manjulika the way Manjulika tortured her till now with the power of holy thread tied by Heera for Pari’s safety.

It is seen that Manjulika and her mother Soudamini create havoc in Bundela family and Heera, the eunuch, comes for Bundela family’s help. Heera tell Pari that after Saroj’s death, Pari needs to save her family by becoming their Kawach. The upcoming episode of Kawach will show tussle amid Manjulika and Pari.

In the latest episode of Kawach, Janki is seen getting scared and tortured by Soudamini. Heera tries to help Janki but Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya) insults Heera and says that he does not believe in ghosts and evil spirit. Finally Dadi asks Heera to get holy thread from temple and tie on every Bundela family member. Heera ties the holy thread on everyone except Rajbir as he refuses for it. Also Pari and Heera come to know that Saroj is dead and that Soudamini is using her body.

In the upcoming episode, Manjulika will once again try to enter Pari’s body. Surprisingly even Pari will invite Manjulika to possess her body. However, as soon as Manjulika will try entering Pari’s body she will get pushed back with painful shock. Manjulika will be stunned and will try again to go in Pari’s body, but will keep getting painful shocks with each attempt. Pari will then tell Manjulika that she will spend the night with Rajbir and Manjulika cannot do anything to spoil it. Manjulika will be stunned to see Pari and Rajbir getting close in front of her.

Apparently, Manjulika and Soudamini will later approach Aghori Baba to increase their powers against Heera and Pari.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se.

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