Kawach: Paridhi accepts Arhaan's love proposal

Sep 19, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Latest News: Arhaan proposes to Paridhi and promises to save Rajbeer's life, Paridhi accepts the proposal

The upcoming episode of supernatural colors' series Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se will bring unexpected twist in the story as Paridhi (Mona Singh) will be proposed by Jinn Arhaan (Arjun Bijlani). This unexpected twist will bring major setback in Paridhi and Rajbeer's (Vivek Dahiya) marital life. It is seen that Paridhi is actually Pari's (fairy) daughter and possesses special powers, which are still getting explored by Paridhi. Arhaan is the jinn and Paridhi's protector. Rajbeer always gets jittery about Arhaan's existence in Paridhi's life. Though Paridhi loves Rajbeer immensely and wants to protect him from Manjulika (Sara Khan) and Soudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar). But in this process Arhaan falls in love with Paridhi and wants her to be his. Accordingly, Arhaan will be seen proposing to Paridhi in the upcoming episode of Kawach. Paridhi will be shocked and will immediately turn down Arhaan's proposal. However, Arhaan will promise to save Rajbeer from evil Manjulika and Soudamini if Paridhi accepts Arhaan's love. Paridhi will get in great dilemma and will finally decide to accept Arhaan's proposal to save her love Rajbeer. Moreover, Arhaan will take Paridhi to his land, the place where jinn belongs to. This will bring a great shocker in Rajbeer's life, however, Paridhi will operate from the motive of safeguarding Rajbeer at any cost. Do you like this upcoming twist in Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se? Let us know in comments below.

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