Kawach: Rajbeer to know evil spirit truth, will apologize to Pari

Aug 25, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Latest News: Rajbeer feels Soudamini's existence in his body, will break down and apologize to Pari

Colors' supernatural show Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se has been showing action packed and horror drama to the viewers till now. However, viewers of Kawach will get to see some emotional moments amid Rajbeer (Vivek Dahiya) and Paridhi (Mona Singh) in the upcoming episodes. Finally Rajbeer will believe Paridhi over Manjulika, Soudamini's evil existence in Bundela house and family. It is seen that till now, Rajbeer did not believe in any evil existence. Rajbeer never believed that Pari was getting tortured by Manjulika (Sara Khan) and her mother Soudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar). In fact, Rajbeer refused to wear any protective thread given by Heera. Rajbeer even doubted Pari over her intentions and though of Pari's affair with Arhan (Arjun Bijlani), Pari's guarding angel. However, the upcoming episodes will bring drastic change in Rajbeer as he will experience the possession of Soudamini over his body. For the first time Rajbeer realizes that he has no control over his own body. Also Rajbeer's mother Janki will be killed by Shakti, who happens to be Soudamini's evil son. Rajbeer will break down with all the realization and will burst in to tears. Rajbeer will feel extremely guilty for not trusting Pari and he will apologize to Pari. Rajbeer will beg for Pari's forgiveness as Rajbeer never trusted his own wife. Pari will get emotional and will console Rajbeer. Pari will finally be relieved to know that Rajbeer knows the truth. Pari will turn Rajbeer's strength and support. With Rajbeer's help, Pari will get more power to fight against Manjulika and Soudamini. Let's see how Pari and Rajbeer will fight out their battle with evil spirits in Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se on Colors.

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