Kawach: Rajbeer to save Pari from Manjulika's killer attempt

Jun 18, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Latest: Manjulika tries to kill Pari on the steps of hanuman temple, Rajbeer saves Pari

Colors’ newly started show Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se is turning out to be one of the most horrifying shows on Indian small screen till date. Kawach features Mona Singh as Paridhi, Vivek Dahiya as Rajbeer and Maheck Chahal as the witch Manjulika. It is a story of a wife going to the greatest extent to save her husband from the evil witch and her black magic.

Manjulika has already possessed Rajbeer and Pari, who never used to believe in ghosts and witches, is seen getting the shock of her life with Rajbeer’s weird behavior and her confrontation with Manjulika. In the upcoming episode of Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Rajbeer and Pari will be seen married and Manjulika will try fatal attack on Pari outside Hanuman Temple.

As seen till now in Kawach, Pari is all set to marry Rajbeer while Manjulika has brought Rajbeer under her black magic possession. Rajbeer dances with Manjulika sensually and during the night gets pulled towards Manjulika due to her black magic chants. Pari initially refuses to believe in ghosts, however, Saroj helps Pari to recognize black magic effect on Rajbeer.

Pari ties black thread given by lady in Hanuman Temple on Rajbeer’s feet, the next night and reaches Manjulika’s haveli after following Rajbeer. Manjulika tells Pari that Rajbeer is under her spell and will follow each given order. Accordingly Rajbeer starts laughing and crying. Manjulika tells Pari to stay away from Rajbeer if she wants to see him alive. Manjulika also tells Rajbeer to break his engagement with Pari and come back to her.

However, despite Manjulika’s attempts Pari and Rajbeer will be seen getting married in the upcoming episode, due to Pari’s Hanuman Chalisa chanting. But Manjulika will manage to get in to Pari’s body and will decide to enjoy married life with Rajbeer. Saroj’s hanuman chanting will save Pari. Later Pari will go to Hanuman temple with Rajbeer and other family members. Manjulika will follow Pari and will make her slip from the staircase. This time Rajbeer will save and support Pari and Pari will succeed in reaching Hanuman temple.

What will Manjulika do next? To know more, stay tuned to tvserialnews.com

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