Kawach: Soudamini to posses Janki, Janki to trouble Pari

Jul 03, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se Upcoming: Soudamini possesses Rajbir's mother Janki, tortures Pari

Colors’ supernatural series Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se has managed to possess the audience with the Soudamini (Ashwini Kalsekar) and Manjulika’s (Maheck Chahal) revenge drama against Bundela family. Paridhi (Mona Singh) and Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya) along with are being targeted by Manjulika while Soudamini will be seen going after troubling Rajbir’s parents Janki and Jagath. Manjulika and Soudamini will be seen creating havoc in the upcoming storyline of Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se.

Manjulika has managed to free Soudamini’s soul from the old trunk and now Soudamini is set to claim her revenge after spending 30 years in the trunk. Manjulika too is very happy and continues torturing Pari by possessing her every night. The forthcoming episodes of Kawach will show Soudamini and Manjulika possessing Janki and Pari respectively.

As seen till now, Pari tries hard to keep the keys of the trunk in which Soudamini is buried. Saroj decides to take the keys to temple to keep them safely. However, Manjulika in Pari’s body injures Saroj and frees Soudamini with the keys. Soudamini then enters Saroj’s body and reaches Bundela family. The eunuch Dev Bala will start chanting Hanuman Chalisa to stop Soudamini but Soudamini will start off her torture with Bundela family.

Soudamini targets Janki and scares her with her existence. Later Rajbir and family plans for dinner for Pari’s birthday. However, Due to Manjulika’s effect Pari comes back and dances sensually in Janki’s presence and also scares her.

In the upcoming episode of Kawach, Pari will finally get to to the Hanuman temple and will get the protective thread that will prohibit Manjulika to posses her. Soudamini then will be seen possessing Janki and will hurt Pari. Pari will struggle while Rajbir will be shocked and will try to save Pari. Rajbir will be stunned to see his mother’s behavior and on the other side Pari will lose her thread in tussle. Manjulika will once again enter Pari’s body.

Do you think Pari will get successful in once again getting the powerful Kawach to protect the Bundela family from Soudamini and Manjulika.

Let us know your views in the comment below.

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