Kawach to end suddenly due to low TRPs and get replaced by Naagin 2

Jul 20, 2016

Kawach Kali Shaktiyon Se to end in September and get replaced by more successful show Naagin 2

Here is some shocking piece of new shih is making rounds in the media. The horror based supernatural series Kawach is all set to end very soon. Reports suggest that the channel is not happy with the TRP ratings of this weekend based show and are therefore planning to pull it off air and introduce the second season of Naagin. Kawach started off after the end of Naagin and a lot was expected out of the show as people thought that it would grab the same viewership as Naagin did. Makers of Kawach knew well that the show would be compared with Naagin since both belong to supernatural genre but it seems that the horror series has caved under the pressure to match up to Naagin. Although both Naagin and Kawach are made under the same production house, Balaji Telefilms, it seems that the makers want to shut down one show to bring back their previous franchise which has a much bigger success. Kawach is the story of Pari who is having a unusual battle against an evil spirit who is obsessed with her husband. The show stars Mona Singh and Vivek Dahiya in leading roles while Mahek Chahal essayed the role of the evil spirit. Soon, makers thought that Maheck was not doing a convincing role and therefore chucked her out and brought in Sara Khan in her place. However, it seems that these efforts by the producers have not helped in any way as Kawach is unable to climb up the TRP charts the way it was expected to. Kawach was supposed to go on till October after which the channel would introduces Naagin 2 in its place. However, the confirmed new coming around is that Kawach will end one month earlier in September itself and Naagin 2 will take up its time slot. While Kawach fans will be highly disappointed with this latest development, it seems that ardent Naagin lovers will be extremely excited with this news. Do write in your comments in the box below and share your views and opinions.

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