Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 6th May 2017 written episode, written update

May 05, 2017

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 6th May 2017 written episode written update starring Surbhi Jyoti and Shoaib Ibrahim

Abhimanyu reaches the train station and tries to hide his face from cops. Abhimanyu’s father calls him and asks him to go underground as the police are searching for him everywhere. Abhimanyu asks his father to find out who has killed Geetanjali and why that person wants to frame him. Geetanjali and Rajveer look at Abhimanyu from far off. Rajveer asks Geetanjali to take care of herself as she boards the same train as Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is sleepless thinking about dead Geetanjali. Geetanjali changes her avtaar into a banjara lady and sells some things and also dances in the train. Geetanjali tries to grab Abhimanyu’s attention but he pushes her away. A man tries to misbehave with Geetanjali and her veil flies off and falls on Abhimanyu and he gets up to save her. Abhimanyu beats up the man and returns the dupatta to Geetanjali without seeing her face. Abhimanyu suddenly gets a glimpse of Geetanjali and starts following her and gets off at the next station. Abhimanyu sets out in search of Geetanjali and asks for a banjara lady. Abhimanyu gets led to a fun-fair as all Banjara people are there. Geetanjali sees Abhimanyu at the fare and follows him. Geetanjali goes on stage and shows a knife throwing show and Abhimanyu is shocked to see her. Abhimanyu wonders whether she is Gaura or not. Abhimanyu tells her he wants to talk to her but she says not to interfere in her work. Abhimanyu volunteers to participate in the knife trick but says that he wants one answer in return. Geetanjali throws a knife at Abhimanyu but misses hitting him. People cheer for Chamki (Geetanjali). Geetanjali starts dancing on ‘UP Bihar lootne’ song. Geetanjali looks at knife and thinks to kill Abhimanyu. She puts blindfold on her eye and once again throws knife at Abhimanyu but misses striking him. Geetanjali walks away and Abhimanyu asks her to tell him who she is. Geetanjali says she is Chamki and starts avoiding him. Abhimanyu offers to buy bangles for Chamki and says that he wants proof in return. Geetanjali avoids Abhimanyu and takes Rajveer’s call. Rajveer asks Geetanjali to make sure Abhimanyu does not recognize her. Rajveer says that Abhimanyu will do DNA test, fingerprint test and he will test for her fears to make sure she is Geetanjali or not. Rajveer asks Geetanjali to beware of these tests. Rajveer says that Abhimanyu will not meet her soon and will come back to take these tests of her. The police comes to the house and asks Bhavani for Abhimanyu. Police says that they have seen Abhimanyu in CCTV footage. Police says that Abhimanyu entered as a criminal and not from main gate. Police says that Geetanjali had died after Abhimanyu entered the Rehab center. Police also shows an arrest warrant for Abhimanyu. Rajveer talks to Geetanjali but Kavya walks in and asks him who he was talking to. Rajveer lies to her. Kavya says she feels bad for him after Geetanjali’s death. Kavya asks Rajveer to take a shower and later calls back on the number which he had called. Rajveer sees Kavya snooping on his phone and is thankful that Geetanjali’s phone is not reachable. Geetanjali runs behind a truck of Banjara people and Abhimanyu helps her to get on and grabs her by the waist. Abhimanyu sees Geetanjali’s foot is hurt and removes the sharp object. Abhimanyu gets off the truck and keeps the blood stained sharp object in a plastic bag. Geetanjali calls back Rajveer and Kavya sees the call. Rajveer picks the call and Geetanjali tells him that Abhimanyu has taken her knife and her blood to check her DNA and finger print. Geetanjali asks Rajveer to make sure that the DNA test does not match to hers. Kavya tells Chhoti Maa that Rajveer was getting calls from Private number. Chhoti Maa fears that Rajveer is working against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is at the lab to test the DNA of the blood sample. Rajveer’s man comes there and exchanges Geetanjali’s report with someone else’s. Abhimanyu gets the report and is shocked to see that the DNA does not match Geetanjali’s. Abhimanyu thinks that Geetanjali and Chamki are different. Abhimanyu thinks he will do one more test to find the truth.

Precap: Police asks Bhavani to reveal Abhimanyu’s whereabouts as he too can get jailed for hiding his son.

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