Krishnadasi: Aaba disowns Aryan post Kumudini's revelation

Jun 20, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aaba and Pavitra to be shocked with Kumudini's revelation about child swapping of Aryan - Aradhya, Aaba to disown Aryan

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is finally going to bring out the much awaited twist of revealing Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) real identity in front of Pavitra and Aaba. Kumudini will soon bring this major truth out in front of Aaba. Aryan and Aradhya along with Aaba will be stunned to hear the truth and will be left speechless.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will feature Aaba trying to shoot Aradhya with gun while Kumudini will stop Aaba with the truth revelation in time. Kumudini’s child swapping truth will bring major turmoil and drama in Aryan and Aradhya’s life.

As known earlier, Aryan and Aradhya come together to expose Jairaj and make drama of getting separated. Aryan throws Aradhya out of the house while Aradhya tries to stop Jairaj and Gayatri’s wedding. Jairaj takes Aradhya to secluded place where he threatens Aradhya with gun and in retaliation Aradhya shoots Aryan. Jairaj tries to trap Aradhya in Aryan’s murder case but right then Aryan get up and narrates the whole incidence in front of the family, exposing Jairaj.

However, Aaba will be seen getting angry with Aradhya for all this planning and will decide to shoot her in fit of anger. Right then Kumudini will stop Aaba and reveal that Aradhya and Aryan were exchanged in hospital. Aaba will be shocked to know that Aradhya is in fact his granddaughter while Aryan is Kumudini’s grandson. Aryan and Aradhya too will get shocked and Aaba Saheb will lose his balance. Aryan will immediately try to support Aaba, but Aaba will push Aryan away.

Aryan will be taken aback with Aaba Saheb’s changed attitude while Kumudini will take Aryan with him. Pavitra will decide to bring her daughter Aradhya home but will be stopped by Aaba. Aaba will decide to perform certain rituals for Aradhya before she can enter the house.

What do you think will happen to Aryan and Aradhya’s relation?

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