Krishnadasi: Aaba traps Aryan, Aryan divorces Aradhya

Jun 14, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aaba to make Aryan sign divorce papers to separate from Aradhya, for saving Aradhya's life

Shocking twist is set to take place in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ show Krishnadasi as Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will be forced to divorce Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) in order to save her from life threatening situation. This evil plan will be planned and executed by mastermind Aaba Saheb to separate Aryan and Aradhya. Aaba Saheb will be seen taking advantage of Aryan’s helpless state to make his plan work.

Purva’s killer attempt on Aradhya will lead to Aradhya getting in life threatening situation and Aryan will leave no stone unturned to save Aradhya, but at a huge price in Krishnadasi.

It is well known that Purva attempts to kill Aradhya. Purva and Aradhya get in to argument over Aradhya’s invitation to Aryan’s sister. Purva gets irked with Aradhya and both indulge in heated argument. Seizing the opportunity, Purva will decide to kill Aradhya as she wants Aradhya to be out of Aryan’s life. Purva is in love with Aryan’s money and wants Aradhya to get out of the way.

Purva will push Aradhya off the window and Aradhya will have major fall. While falling off, Aradhya’s stomach will have major cut due to window glass. However, Aryan will reach there in time and will save Aradhya from hitting the ground. Purva will make up the story of Aradhya getting thrown by the bad evil spirit. Tulsi too will reach near Aradhya and Aryan – Tulsi will rush Aradhya to hospital.

Doctor will inform Aryan that Aradhya has had major blood loss and hence needs blood. Tulsi’s blood will not Aradhya’s blood group while Shashwat’s blood group will match Aradhya’s. Aryan will request Shashwat to donate his blood, and jut then Aaba will stop Shashwat. Aaba will ask Aryan to first promise to divorce Aradhya. Aryan will be helpless and will agree to Aaba’s cruel demand to save Aradhya’s life.

But soon, the twist of Aradhya being Shashwat’s daughter will come out in Krishnadasi.

Do you think Aaba Saheb will be successful in separating Aryan and Aradhya, do let us know your views on Krishnadasi.

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