Krishnadasi: Aaba's public announcement of Aryan-Aradhya separation

Jun 25, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aaba throws lavish party for Aradhya's birthday, declares end of Aryan and Aradhya's relationship in party

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is keeping the viewers intrigued to it with sudden and unexpected twists amid Aryan (Shravan Reddy), Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and their respective families inclusive of Aaba Saheb and Kumudini. Now the twist of Aryan and Aradhya’s origin is ruling the show and has taken the drama of Krishnadasi to the utmost level. Currently the Krishnadasi is showcasing sudden change in relationships, emotions and equations amid the characters owing to Kumudini’s revelation of child swapping amid Aryan and Aradhya.

Aryan, Aradhya and Aaba Saheb have taken the major hit with Kumudini’s confession and soon Aaba will use the situation to once again separate the lovers Aradhya and Aryan. Krishnadasi is also set to show Kumudini’s exit from the show as Jairaj will murder Kumudini over property matters.

As seen till now, Kumudini declares that Aradhya is in fact Aaba’s granddaughter while Aryan is her grandson. Aaba Saheb will be shocked with this and will immediately disown Aryan for being Devdasi’s son. On the other hand Aaba will accept Aradhya after doing purification ritual for her. However, Aaba will disapprove of Aradhya and Aryan’s relation. Aryan and Aradhya will be heartbroken and will resist Aaba’s decision.

In the upcoming episode, Aryan and Aradhya will be seen meeting up and deciding to make their relation solid. And hence Aryan and Aradhya will take wedding vows again with Pheras around Krishna idle in Krishnavati. Aryan and Aradhya will vow never to get separated over their family issues and enmity.

But soon Aaba will play spoil sport in Arahdya and Aryan’s life. Aaba will arrange and throw lavish birthday party for Aradhya. Aaba will call all the Krishnavati people and in front of them Aaba will declare that Aryan and Aradhya are no longer in any relationship. This will give new shock to Aradhya and Aryan.

What will Aryan and Aradhya do to stay together? Stay tuned to read in more updates on Krishnadasi.

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