Krishnadasi: Aradhya to dare Aaba to shoot her before Aryan

Jul 03, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aaba to threaten Aryan with gun, Aradhya to ask Aaba to kill her first before Aryan

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will bring in some action packed sequences as Aaba Saheb will threaten Aryan (Shravan Reddy) at gun point while Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) will rise up for Aryan’s support. Aradhya will stop Aaba Saheb and will challenge Aaba Saheb to shoot her in place of Aryan. Aaba will be stunned with Aradhya’s actions in Krishnadasi.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will show Aaba’s hatred towards Aryan and his unwillingness to even treat Aryan with respect after knowing that Aryan is Tulsi’s son and Kumudini’s grandson. Aaba will not think twice before pointing gun at Aryan.

It is seen that Kumudini claims Aaba Saheb’s house as it is named after Aryan. Kumudini annoys Aaba Saheb by telling him to handover the property and house to Aryan. Aaba Saheb gets irked with Kumudini’s demand while Kumudini decides to put the house the auction. Aaba Saheb raises his hand on Kumudini and Aryan stops him. Aryan tells Kumudini that he doesn’t need the house and stops the auction.

In the upcoming episode, Aaba Sahen will be seen calling Aryan in the factory to resolve the factory issues and settlement. Aryan will come and will touch Aaba’s feet with respect. However, Aaba will push him away and will point gun at Aryan. Aryan will be shocked with Aaba’s attitude towards him while Tulsi will save Aryan. Aaba will push both Tulsi and Aryan. Aradhya will reach there and will get wild with Aaba. Aradhya will tell Aaba that she loves Aryan and Tulsi is just like her mother. Aradhya will dare Aaba to shoot her before Aryan or Tulsi.

Aaba will be stunned with Aradhya’s actions.

Do you think Aradhya can bring a change in Aaba’s heart towards Aryan?

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