Krishnadasi: Aradhya to expose evil Jaidev

May 30, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aryan will blame Aradhya for talking ill against Jaidev, Aradhya to bring out Jaidev's truth

From loving each other truly to hating each other in equal measures, Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan (Shravan Reddy) of Colors’ show Krishnadasi have seen it all and viewers want Aryan and Aradhya to reunite with love. However, it looks little difficult as the current story track of Krishnadasi focuses on Aradhya and Aryan’s rift with each other.

As per the latest news in Krishnadasi Aryan treats Aradhya as Devdasi and denies giving her the rights of a wife. However, Aradhya too fights back for gaining the respect of a wife and a daughter in law.

As per the latest track of Krishnadasi one more evil character Jaidev has entered the show. Jaidev is Purva’s brother and is a negative character. Jaidev is a Casanova and flirts and troubles women.

Jaidev comes across Aradhya in the market and gets attracted to her. Jaidev tries to get close to Aradhya and tries to take advantage over Aradhya. In the attempt Jaidev molests Aradhya. Aradhya is unaware of Jaidev’s identity and gets furious at him. Aradhya reprimands Jaidev for trying to molest her. Aradhya decides to file complaint against Jaidev in Police Station.

However, in the upcoming episode, Aradhya will get shock of her life to see Jaidev present in her house. Aradhya will be shocked to know that Jaidev’s marriage alliance is getting fixed with Gayatri. Aradhya will instantly try to tell Jaidev’s behavior with her and that Jaidev is not the right man for Gayatri.

However, Aryan will pay no heed to Gayatri and will blame her for trying to ruin Gayatri’s life. Aradhya will be shocked to hear Aryan’s allegation and will decide to prove Jaidev’s real identity in front of Aryan and the family members.

Let’s see if Aradhya gets successful or Jaidev creates problems for Aradhya in Krishnadasi.

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