Krishnadasi: Aradhya to prove Jairaj as Tulsi's real killer

Jul 07, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aradhya proves Aaba innocent in Tulsi Murder case irking Aryan, Aryan calls off the marriage while Aradhya to expose Jairaj

Colors’ popular show Krishnadasi is coming up with major court room drama as Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) will struggle and prove Aaba Saheb (Uday Tikekar) innocent in Tulsi’s murder case. Aradhya knows that Aaba Saheb has not killed Tulsi and hence is innocent. Aradhya will prove this fact with ample proofs and will get Aaba Saheb freed from police clutches. However, Aradhya’s this fight will not go down too well with Aryan (Shravan Reddy). Aryan will get furious and annoyed with Aradhya’s support to Aaba Saheb.

The upcoming episode will show the beginning of the tiff and misunderstanding amid Aryan and Aradhya in Krishnadasi. Aryan will get extremely angry and will cut off all the marital relation with Aradhya, declaring them to be a divorced couple. Aradhya will have to pay the price of proving Aaba innocent.

Aaba Saheb calls Aryan near the old temple with the intention of killing him, however, Tulsi comes in between Aaba and Aryan and gets shot. Tulsi dies on the spot while Aaba gets blamed in the murder case. However, Aradhya refuses to believe that Aaba killed Tulsi.

In the upcoming episode of Krishnadasi, Aaba will be brought in the court and the villagers will be called to turn up as witnesses. Everyone will give statements against Aaba which will prove Aaba guilty. However, Aradhya in her turn will proclaim that Aaba is innocent. Aradhya will inform the court that though Aaba had called Aryan to shoot him, she had taken off the bullets from Aaba’s gun. Furthermore the forensic report will prove that the bullet with which Tulsi was killed was not by Aaba’s gun. This will clearly confirm that Aaba is innocent and he will be freed from the murder charges.

But this will create major problems amid Aryan and Aradhya as Aryan will refuse to believe that Aaba is innocent and will blame Aradhya for whole drama. Aryan will declare that he is no more in marital relation with Aradhya.

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Apparently the real killer of Tulsi is Jairaj and soon Aradhya will prove that Jairaj killed Tulsi seizing the opportunity while the blame went on Aaba.

Do you think after Jairaj getting exposed Aryan and Aradhya will come together agains?

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