Krishnadasi: Aradhya to revive Gayatri's love for David

May 31, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Determined to save Gayatri from Jaidev, Aradhya to take efforts to bring Gayatri and David closer

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will show Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) attempts of saving Gayatri from evil Jaidev. Aradhya also tries to warn Aryan (Shravan Reddy) against Jairaj, however, Aryan will pay no heed to Aradhya’s warnings.

As seen till now, Purva’s brother Jaidev gets acquainted in to Aryan’s family. Jaidev is Casanova and a womanizer. Jaidev comes across Aradhya in the Krishnavati market. Jaidev gets attracted to Aradhya and tries to force himself on Aradhya in an inappropriate manner. Aradhya gets angry and warns Jairaj to stay away. Later Aradhya decodes to file complaint against Jairaj in Police.

However, Aradhya remains shell shocked to know that Aryan’s sister Gayatri’s marital alliance is fixed with Jaidev. Aradhya tries to tell her experience to Aryan. However, Aryan blames Aradhya that she wants to create problems for Gayatri. Aradhya gets shocked with this allegation, yet decides to save Gayatri from evil Jaidev.

On the other side Jaidev feels happy to see Aradhya and eyes her with bad motive. Aradhya further comes to know about Aryan’s joint venture business planning with Jaidev and Aradhya yet again tries to stop Aryan. Aryan will be seen paying no attention to Aradhya and will tell Aradhya to mind her own business.

Aradhya will decide to bring David and Gayatri closer to remove Jaidev from Gayatri’s life. Aradhya knows Gayatri’s inclination towards David and will now make a plan to make Gayatri get drawn towards David. David too loves Gayatri and will be seen taking extra efforts to turn Gayatri’s attention towards him. David also will realize his mistake of turning away from Gayatri and will try to overcome his mistake.

Let’s see if Aradhya can revive Gayatri’s love for David to unite them.

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