Krishnadasi: Aradhya's deadly attempt to kill Tulsi

Jun 03, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Under the effect of spiked up juice by Pavitra, Aradhya to try killing her mother Tulsi, Aryan to worry for Aradhya

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is currently focusing on Aaba Saheb, Pavitra and Purva’s attempts to throw Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) out of the house and out of Arynan’s (Shravan Reddy) life. As per the latest news Pavitra will use extreme evil plan to turn Aradhya mad in front of everyone and Aryan.

The latest news on Krishnadasi suggests that Aradhya will make horrific attempt of killing her mother Tulsi after consuming the Mango juice spiked up by Pavitra.

As seen till now, Aryan gets forcibly married to Aradhya, but doesn’t give the rights and respect of wife to Aradhya. Aradhya however decides to whole hearted efforts to make her place and create her respect as Aryan’s wife in Aaba Saheb’s house. Aryan gives the wife’s place and respect to Purva. However, Purva turns insecure with Aradhya knowing the past and present chemistry amid Aryan and Aradhya.

On the other hand Pavitra too dislikes Aradhya and wants to throw her out of the house as soon as possible. Pavitra hates Kumudini and can’t stand Kumudini a bit.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will feature Kumudini gifting mangoes to Aradhya for her household. Aradhya will feel happy, however, Pavitra will get annoyed. Pavitra will think of evil plan to term Aradhya mad in front of whole family. To do that Pavitra will spike up Aradhya’s mango juice with deadly herbs.

Aradhya will consume the juice and will immediately feel the odd sensation. Aradhya will lose control over herself and will start behaving weird. Pavitra will create a scene saying Aradhya has got a ghost inside her. Aradhya’s voice and mannerism will change and shockingly Aradhya will attack her mother Tulsi. Aradhya will try to strangle Tulsi while Pavitra will save Tulsi. Pavitra will have Tulsi tied up to the bed.

Aryan will get extremely worried about Aradhya and will look after her, this again will annoy Pavitra.

Will Aryan realize his love for Aradhya? Will Pavitra make Aryan throw Aradhya out of the house?

Keep reading this space to get your answers on Krishnadasi.

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