Krishnadasi: Aryan-Aradhya spend night together

May 21, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest: Aryan and Aradhya to get locked in store room for entire night, romance to brew

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is shortly bring some romance amid newly but forcefully married couple Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) as both will end up spending night together forcibly.

As seen till now in Krishnadasi, Aryan and Aradhya fall pray for the family enmity created by Kumudini and Aaba.

As per Kumudini’s plan, Aryan and Aradhya get married forcibly in the jail, and decide to avenge each other.

Aradhya comes to Aryan’s place, however, Aryan denies to give wife’s place n respect to Aradhya.

Aradhya too decides to fight for her rights, place and respect as Aryan’s wife in Aryan’s home.

However, the upcoming episode will bring romantic twist in Aryan and Aradhya’s revengeful married life.

Tulsi and Damini will visit Aryan’s place to check on Aradhya but they will fail to find Aradhya in the house.

Later Tulsi and Damini will be shocked to find Aradhya in the store room alone.

Tulsi will come to know that Aryan has kept Aradhya locked in the Store room.

Damini will get angry and will tie up Aryan and Aradhya in store room with handcuffs.

Both Aryan and Aradhya will find themselves trapped with each other for the whole night.

However, during the night some cute and sweet romance will take place amid Aryan and Aradhya.

Surely, after much of drama, viewers will welcome some romance in Krishnadasi.


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