Krishnadasi: Aryan & Aradhya to reunite to save Shravani

Jul 19, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming News: Aryan and Aradhya to come together to fail Kumudini's plan of making Shravani a Devdasi

Major drama is soon expected in Colors’ popular show Krishnadasi as Aryan’s (Shravan Reddy) life will get in danger while Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) will save him and both together will be seen saving Shravani (Diya Makhija) from the becoming Devdasi forcefully. The upcoming sequence in Krishnadasi will bring Aryan and Aradhya once again closer and will unite them for the mission of saving Shravani. Kumudini and her goons will be decide to make Shravani Devdasi forcefully and will go to the extent of kidnapping Aryan for their mission. It is already reported that Aryan will be blamed by Shravani to have killed her husband in the accident. Shravani will gain sympathy of villagers while Kumudini will decide to make her Devdasi. Aryan will oppose this scheme of Kumudini, but Kumudini will pay no heed. Some NGO ladies too will come to Kumudini’s house suspecting Devdasi matter. Apparently Aradhya will arrange to stop this Devdasi ritual and will try to help Shravani against Kumudini. However, Kumudini will burst out at Aradhya and will hurl insults at her. Aradhya will be shocked with Kumudini’s approach towards her and will worry about Aryan. Soon Aryan will be kidnapped by the goons and will be tied up in secluded place. Aryan will be tied up with rope to a cart. Aradhya will inform police and will manage to find Aryan. Aradhya will save Aryan without worrying for her life and will free him. Aradhya and Aryan will share close and long eye lock. Finally Aryan and Aradhya will come together to free Shravani from the goons who are trying to make her Devdasi. Will Aryan and Aradhya be able to save Shravani? Will Aryan and Aradhya come together and unite? Let us know your views on this action packed track of Colors’ show Krishnadasi

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