Krishnadasi: Aryan-Aradhya to turn enemies

May 20, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aryan to disown Aradhya as wife, Aradhya to vow revenge

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is coming up with too many twists revolving around Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan (Shravan Reddy) which will take the viewers on the roller coaster ride for sure.

As seen till now Aaba’s heart attack plan works and Aryan calls off his wedding with Aradhya and marries Purva.

However, Kumudini instigates Aradhya against Aryan and Aradhya puts blame of rape on Aryan.

Kumudini gets Aryan arrested and informs him that he can only be relieved if he marries Aradhya.

Aryan is left with no option and hence marries Aradhya in the jail.

Aryan gets irked with Aradhya’s blame game and vows to avenge Aradhya.

The forthcoming story line will start focusing on Aryan and Aradhya’s enmity against each other.

Aryan will declare Purva as his real wife and will give Purva the respect of wife.

Aryan will refuse to give wife’s place and respect to Aradhya.

Aryan will declare Aradhya as his mistress, which will leave Aradhya shocked and shattered.

However, Aradhya will not bend down in front of Aryan and will storm in to Aaba’s house.

Aradhya will declare herself as Aaba’s daughter in law and will demand the respect.

Aryan will be shocked and angry with Aradhya’s aggression towards his family.

Aryan and Aradhya will plan to avenge each other and will put fuel in family enmity.

Do tune in for further updates in Krishnadasi.

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