Krishnadasi: Aryan Aradhya vow to be together against Aaba

Jun 21, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Separated by Kumudini's confession, Aryan and Aradhya unite in Krishna Temple against Aaba's wish

Colors’ show Krishnadasi has picked up pace and is taking viewers on the roller coaster ride with too many twists revolving around Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan (Shravan Reddy). Kumudini finally brings out the truth of Aradhya being Aaba’s granddaughter while Aryan being Tulsi’s son. This confession will create havoc in Krishnadasi and it will be followed with more shocking events for Aryan and Aradhya.

While Aradhya and Aryan expose Jairaj for his evil deeds, Aryan and Aradhya’s truth of origin is brought out by Kumudini. In the upcoming episode Aaba will force Aradhya to break relation with Aryan; however, Aryan and Aradhya will be determined to be faithful to their love and marriage. Hence Aryan and Aradhya will make their relation stronger by taking the marital vows again.

As seen till now, Aryan and Aradhya expose Jairaj but Aaba gets angry with Aradhya and tries to shot her. Kumudini stops Aaba and tells him that Aradhya is his granddaughter and Aryan is her grandson. Aaba, Aryan and Aradhya get shocked with this revelation. Aaba disowns Aryan and gets distant with him. Aaba also decides to do purification ritual for Aradhya before bringing her back home. Aryan gets disheartened and leaves with Kumudini. Meanwhile Jairaj gets arrested.

In the upcoming episode, Aaba will force Aradhya to break her relation with Aryan. But Aradhya loves Aryan and both decide to be together against all the family enmity, misunderstandings and confessions. Aradhya will decide to go against Aaba and will meet Aryan in Krishna Temple. Aryan and Aradhya will take marital vows again and will yet again complete their wedding pheras. Aryan and Aryan vow to remain faithful to each other without letting anyone creating rift in them.

Will Aaba accept Aradhya’s decision to be with Aryan?

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