Krishnadasi: Aryan-Aradhya's death drama exposes Jairaj

Jun 20, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aryan and Aradhya's joint plan of shoot and death drama exposes Jairaj's evil intentions

Colors’ show Krishnadasi has reached an interesting stage where Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) are together once again to expose the evil side of Purva and her brother Jairaj. The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will feature Aryan and Aradhya’s shoot and death drama to bring out Jairaj and Purva’s plan to get Aryan and Gayatri’s money.

Jairaj and Purva get successful in pushing Aradhya out of Aryan’s life, however, they remain unaware that Aradhya and Aryan are actually hands in gloves and have plan of their own. Jairaj will try to trap Aradhya in the accusation of shooting and attempting to kill Aryan while the situation will go against Jairaj in Krishnadasi.

It is seen that Aaba makes Aryan sign the divorce papers and asks him to throw Aradhya out of the house. Aaba also decides to get Aryan married to Purva and Jairaj married to Gayatri. Aradhya tries to convince Aryan to give her a chance but Aryan turns helpless in front of Aaba’s demand. Jairaj and Purva, who are after Aryan’s money, feel extremely happy for their motives getting successful.

Aradhya lands up in Jairaj and Gayatri’s wedding and tries to stop it. Aradhya claims that she has proof against Jairaj that will expose his true evil identity and all the evil plans against Aryan and Gayatri. However, before she can say anything, Jairaj will insult Aradhya and will forcibly take her away from wedding venue. Jairaj will threaten Aradhya to handover the proof against him and will point gun at her. Aryan too will reach there to save Aradhya. Aradhya will retaliate to get the gun and eventually shoots Aryan mistakenly. Aryan will fall off the ground and Jairaj will threaten Aradhya to use this for his advantage. Everyone will reach there and Jairaj will blame Aradhya for shooting Aryan.

However, Aryan will get up and will tell the truth to everyone. Aryan will inform everyone that this was drama done by Aradhya and Aryan to expose Jairaj.

Let’s see if Aaba realizes his mistake towards Aradhya in Krishnadasi.

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