Krishnadasi: Aryan comes for Aradhya's rescue against Pavitra

Jun 02, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Pavitra to spike up Aradhya's juice to prove her mad, Aryan to look after Aradhya

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is set to bring more troubles and hardship in Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) life in the upcoming episodes. In the upcoming episode Purva, Pavitra and Nakku will be seen conspiring against Aradhya.

However, as per the latest news, Pavitra and Purva’s plan will backfire as Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will get closer to Aradhya.

The forthcoming story of Krishnadasi will feature tussle between Aradhya and Purva as Aaba considers Purva as his daughter in law. Aaba introduces Purva as his daughter in law to everyone and Aradhya feels sad. However, Aradhya will cook tasty food for Aaba’s business associates and will earn praise from them. Purva will get irked with Aradhya and will decide to trap Aradhya in evil plan.

On the other side Pavitra and Nakku hate Aradhya and will look for an opportunity to have Aradhya thrown out of the house.

Apparently Kumudini will send across mangoes to Aradhya and to Aaba Saheb’s family. Pavitra will think of a plan in connivance with Purva and Nakku. Pavitra will feel annoyed seeing mangoes sent by Kumudini, however, she will use the same mangoes to trap Aradhya.

Pavitra will ask Aradhya to make mango juice and will spike up Aradhya’s juice. Pavitra will want Aradhya to get high and behave weird in front of the whole family, so that Aradhya can be pushed out of the family. According to Pavitra and Purva’s plan Aradhya will end up drinking spiked up juice and will start behaving weird.

Aradhya will have no control over herself and Pavitra will call it the effect of super natural power. Pavitra will try to prove Aradhya mad.

However, to Pavitra and Purva’s surprise, Aryan will get concerned about Aradhya and will worry about her. Aryan will instantly realize that he has soft feelings towards Aradhya and he will be shocked. Aryan will look after Aradhya while Pavitra and Purva will be furious seeing their plan failure.

Let’s hope Aryan’s realization of love towards Aradhya unites them soon.

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