Krishnadasi: Aryan fails Kumudini's haveli auction plan

Jun 28, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Kumudini tries to auction off Aaba's haveli claiming it to be in Aryan's name, Aryan stops the auction

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is heading for yet more major drama as Kumudini and Aaba Saheb have turned their family enmity in open war and will be seen using Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) for their individual advantages. Kumudini will create major drama over Aryan owing Aaba’s property and will try to auction it.

As seen till now in Krishnadasi, after Kumudini’s revelation of Aryan being her grandson and Aradhya being Aaba’s granddaughter, all the equations and relation have changed in Krishnadasi. Kumudini takes Aryan with her while Aaba performs purification ritual for Aradhya and brings her home. Aaba goes against Aryan and Aradhya’s relation and tells Aradhya to break away from Aryan. Aryan and Aradhya get in major fix over the family enmity. The upcoming episodes of Krishnadasi will show Kumudini challenging Aaba over his property.

It is known that Aaba throws grand birthday party for Aradhya in Krishnadsi. Tulsi brings cake on Aradhya’s birthday but Aaba insults Tulsi and pushes her out of the house. Aryan reaches there for Tulsi while Kumudini too comes there and demands that Raja Keshaw’s property is named after Aryan from birth. Kumudini will be seen insulting Aaba by sitting in his chair.

Aaba will lose his temper and will raise his hand on Kumudini. Aryan will instantly stop Aaba from hurting Kumudini. Kumudini will get happy to see Aryan’s support to her. Kumudini will claim all the property in Aryan’s name and will declare that she wants to auction out the haveli. Kumudini will even get a buyer for the haveli, however, Aryan will stop the auction. Aryan will prohibit Kumudini to act against Aaba and will return the haveli to Aaba.

Clearly Aryan and Aradhya are getting pain of heart break in this whole family enmity in Krishnadasi.

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