Krishnadasi: Aryan gets shot by Aradhya, Tulsi donates blood to Aryan

Jun 19, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aryan to get shot by Aradhya in retaliation with Jaidev, Tulsi's blood group to match with Aryan's

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is set to take shocking and tragic turn yet again as Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will get married to Purva and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) will face major humiliation and threat by Jairaj. Further, Jairaj will try to kill Aradhya but in retaliation Aradhya will end up shooting Aryan instead.

Evil Jairaj will be seen using the situation to his advantage in Krishnadasi. Jairaj will try to trap Aradhya as she has been trying to expose his evil deeds. But Krishnadasi will later show mind blowing twist that will bring out the truth of Aryan being Tulsi’s son and all the equations in Krishnadasi will change.

As seen till now, Aryan signs divorce papers against Aradhya as per Aaba’s plan to save Aradhya. Aradhya refuses to sign the papers and hence Aaba asks Aryan to throw Aradhya out of the house. Aaba wants Aryan to get married to Purva and accordingly Aryan agrees. Though Aryan loves and cares for Aradhya, he gets helpless in front of Aaba. Aradhya tries to make Aryan stand up for his love, but it all goes in vain. Further Aaba decides to get Jairaj and Gayatri married at the same time. This will give a shock to Aradhya as she knows Jairaj’s evil deeds.

Aradhya reaches the wedding venue and tries to stop Jairaj – Gayatri wedding. Aradhya will try to present proofs against Jairaj, however, Jairaj will pull Aradhya out of the wedding and will take her to secluded place. Jairaj will threaten Aradhya with gun and will warn her to handover the proofs. Aryan will reach there to save Aradhya, however, in whole retaliation Aryan will get shot by Aradhya. Jairaj will decide to trap Aradhya in police case for shooting Aryan.

Aryan will be seen gravely injured and this time Aryan will be in need of blood. And shockingly Tulsi’s blood group will match with Aryan’s. Tulsi will donate her blood for Aryan. Soon the truth of Aryan being Tulsi’s son will come out.

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