Krishnadasi: Aryan & Purva to marry, Aradhya heartbroken

Jun 17, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aryan t finally marry Purva leaving Aradhya, Jaidev to marry Gayatri

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will bring in high voltage drama in Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan’s (Shravan Reddy) lives as Aryan will throw Aradhya out of his house and his life. Aryan will be seen getting helpless while saving Aradhya in the hospital and Aaba Saheb takes Aryan’s signature on the divorce papers in exchange.

The upcoming episode will bring melodramatic sequence amid Aradhya and Aryan as Aryan will be seen tying marital knot with Purva. On the other hand, Jairaj will be seen marrying Aryan’s sister Gayatri. Aradhya’s attempts to save Gayatri from Jairaj will go fail in Krishnadasi.

It is seen that Aradhya gets pushed by Purva through the window and gets gravely injured. Aryan rushes Aradhya to the hospital. Aradhya loses lot of blood. Aradhya’s blood group matches with Shashwat. Aryan requests Shashwat to donate blood for Aradhya, however, Aaba Saheb makes Aryan sign the divorce papers against Aradhya in exchange of Shashwat’s blood. Aryan gets helpless and signs the papers. After coming back in consciousness Aaba shows the divorce papers to Aradhya, and she gets shocked to see Aryan’s signatures. Aradhya refuses to sign the papers and Aaba asks Aryan to throw Aradhya out of the house.

Aryan has no option and hence asks Aradhya to leave from his place. Though Aryan loves Aradhya, he has no choice left but to marry Purva as per Aaba’s wish. It is already reported that Purva and Jaidev are after Aryan’s money.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will feature Aryan and Purva’s wedding. Aradhya and Aryan will be heartbroken. Further Aradhya will try to stop Jairaj and Gayatri’s wedding. Aradhya will get evidence against Jairaj, however, will not get a chance to show it to Aryan. Jairaj will behave rudely with Aradhya and will push her out of the wedding by insulting her. Aryan’s heart will break for Aradhya, however, he will not react.

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