Krishnadasi: Aryan to expose Pavitra-Purva to save Aradhya

Jun 04, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aradhya to turn in to Aryan's Grandmother, Aryan to investigate, will expose Pavitra and Purva

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is set to show some high voltage twists with the introduction of Supernatural powers hovering around Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) while Aryan (Shravan Reddy) gets completely miffed with Aradhya’s deteriorating condition in the upcoming episodes. Apparently in the forthcoming episode Aradhya will turn in to Aryan’s grandmother and will behave and act like her, shocking Aryan.

It is known that Pavitra, Nakku and Purva conspire against Aradhya to get Aradhya thrown out of the house. Kumudini gifts mangoes to Aradhya and Pavitra spikes up Aradhya’s mango juice. Aradhya starts behaving weird in some time and talks in different tone altogether.

Pavitra and Purva want to turn Aradhya mad and get her out of their way. Hence Pavitra claims Aradhya getting influenced by bad souls in front of Aaba. Aradhya starts behaving in deadly manner and tries to catch hold of Tulsi. Aradhya screams that she wants to kill Tulsi and even tries to strangulate Tulsi. Pavitra comes to Tulsi’s rescue and gets Aradhya tied up to the bed. Aryan gets worried about Aradhya and believes that Aradhya is not well.

In the upcoming episode, Pavitra will bank upon the ghost plan and thereby to turn Aradhya completely mad. Pavitra takes Aradhya to Tantric and he will declare that Aradhya is affected by bad evil soul. Aryan will refuse to believe this and will try to get Aradhya treated.

However, Aryan will get a shock of his life when Aradhya will suddenly take up Aryan’s grandmother’s avatar. Aryan will be shocked to see Aradhya’s appearance as his grandmother. Aradhya will wear saree like Aryan’s grandmother and will also speak in her way. Aryan will finally realize that Aradhya is in trouble and will feel that she is being targeted by someone.

Soon Aryan will start investigations to find out the reality.

Let’s wait and watch if Aryan comes to know Pavitra and Purva’s evil game.


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