Krishnadasi: Aryan to fall in Jairaj & Purva's evil trap against Aradhya

Jul 11, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Jairaj and Purva to take advantage of Aryan's anger on Aradhya, will instigate Aryan against Aradhya

Colors’ show Krishnadasi will sail the viewers thorough the new chapter of Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) hatred as Tulsi’s death has led to Aryan and Aradhya’s separation. Aryan is devastated with Tulsi’s death and is extremely angry with Aradhya for siding Aaba against Tulsi and Aryan. While Aradhya tries to console and explain the situation to Aryan, he refuses to listen to Aradhya. In the upcoming episode, evil Jairaj will be seen taking advantage of this hatred in Aryan’s mind for Aradhya.

Aryan breaks down post Tulsi’s death and believes Aaba Saheb to be her killer. However, Aradhya proves Aaba Saheb to be innocent in the court. Aradhya tells the court that she had removed the bullets from Aaba’s gun citing Aaba’s plan to kill Aryan. Also the forensic lab confirms that the bullet, with which Tulsi died, did not belong to Aaba’s gun. However, Aryan and Kumudini refuse to believe Aradhya and accuse her to be the real culprit behind Tulsi’s death. Aryan breaks all the marital relations with Aradhya and announces their separation.

Later Aradhya tries to be present for Tulsi post death puja by covering her face with veil. But Kumudini recognizes Aradhya at a moment and insults Aradhya badly. Aryan too gets furious with Aradhya and throws her out of the house. Moreover, Aryan tells Aradhya that they share no relation and never to show her face to Aryan. Aradhya gets shattered and devastated while Aaba gets happy with Aryan and Aradhya’s break of relation.

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In the upcoming episode, Tulsi’s real culprit Jairaj will once again plan against Aryan and Aradhya. Tulsi dies of bullet from Jairaj’s gun but the blame comes on Aaba. Jairaj will create major rift in Aryan and Aradhya by instigating Aryan with Purva’s help. The siblings Jairaj and Purva will create further havoc in Aryan and Aradhya’s life in Krishnadasi.

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