Krishnadasi: Aryan to insult & throw Aradhya from Tulsi's shanti puja

Jul 10, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aradhya to reach for Tulsi's after death puja, Aryan to push Aradhya out of house with insult

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will turn tragic for Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) fans as the lovers will turn haters and will go against each other. The major reason of all the problems amid Aryan and Aradhya is family enmity and misunderstandings. With Kumudini’s revelation of Aryan and Aradhya’s origin, all the equations and relations on Krishnadasi have changed. The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will show more issues amid Aryan and Aradhya.

It is seen that Aaba Saheb calls Aryan behind the old temple under the pretext to solve property issue. However, Aaba Saheb points gun at Aryan and Tulsi comes in between Aaba and Aryan. Tulsi gets shot and dies, however, Aradhya comes to know that it is Jairaj who killed Tulsi and not Aaba as Aradhya had removed bullets from Aaba’s gun.

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Aradhya manages to prove Aaba innocent in the court and this does not go down too well with Aryan. Aryan gets furious with Aradhya for saving Aaba and breaks all the relations with Aradhya. Aradhya gets shattered, however, feels confident that she can explain everything to Aryan.

Unfortunately things will turn sour amid Aryan and Aradhya thanks to Kumudini. Kumudini will instigate Aryan against Aradhya and will call Aradhya real culprit behind Tulsi’s death.

In the upcoming episode, Kumudini will arrange for puja after Tulsi’s death. Aryan and Kumudini will perform the puja, however, Aradhya will enter for the puja by covering her head. Aradhya will drop oil near Kumudini and Kumudini will ask Aradhya to clean it thinking that she is maid. Aradhya will touch Kumudini’s feet but then Kumudini will take off Aradhya’s cover and will be shocked to see her.

Aryan will get furious to see Aradhya and will push her off the house. Aryan will warn Aradhya never to return in that house. Aradhya will be left shattered.

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