Krishnadasi: Aryan to scream at Purva for harming Aradhya

Jun 11, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Purva's attempt to kill Aradhya to be caught by Aryan, furious Aryan to scream at Purva

Viewers and fans of Colors’ show Krishnadasi can sigh a breather of relief as Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will finally come to know Purva’s evil plan of killing Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh). Aryan will get furious with Purva and will pour out his anger on her. Aradhya will, however, get badly injured and will face life threatening situation.

Aryan will come to Aradhya’s rescue along with Tulsi and will be shattered to see Aradhya’s condition in Krishnadasi.

As known till now, Pavitra and Purva are using a deadly herb against Aradhya without her knowledge. The herb has adverse effect on Aradhya and she starts behaving in a weird way after consuming it. Aradhya behaves like a possessed person and Pavitra tells everyone that Aradhya has been possessed by bad evil spirit. Purva and Pavitra want to throw Aradhya out of the house by proving that Aradhya is mad and is possessed person who is good for nothing.

However, to Pavitra and Purva’s disappointment Aryan refuses to believe Pavitra and Purva’s claims of Aradhya being possessed. However, Pavitra and Purva’s plan leads to Aradhya behaving like Aryan’s grandmother and Aryan gets shocked. To Purva and Pavitra’s shock, Aryan starts getting worried about Aradhya and irked Purva gets the Tantric at home to torture Aradhya and convince Aryan.

Tantric makes Aradhya walk on the hot coal and seeing her pain Aryan stops all the drama. Aryan holds Aradhya close to him and slaps the Tantric.

The upcoming episode will feature Purva getting furious and frustrated with Aryan and Aradhya’s chemistry. Aradhya too will have the doubt about Purva and Pavitra. This will lead to huge confrontation amid Purva and Aradhya. Purva will push Aradhya down the staircase with a motive to kill her. Tulsi and Aryan will reach there and Purva will claim that it was accident. Aryan will get shocked to see Aradhya’s condition and will scream at Purva.

Can Aryan and Tulsi save Aradhya? Will Aryan come to know Purva and Pavitra’s reality?

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