Krishnadasi: Aryan to slap Tantric & confess love to Aradhya

Jun 08, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Pained to see Aradhya being tortured in Agnipariksha, Aryan to pull Aradhya in arms, will slap Tantric

Colors’ show Krishnadasi is much in news these days with Aradhya’s (Sana Amin Sheikh) evil spirit possession track. Pavitra and Purva have conspired against Aradhya and hence have trapped her in fake possession trap. Aryan (Shravan Reddy) is now seen starting to be worried about Aradhya.

No we have got news that will surely make Aryan and Aradhya’s fans happy and relieved as soon Aryan will confess his love to Aradhya and will promise to protect her from all the evil. Viewers of Krishnadasi will soon witness heartwarming and emotional sequence amid Aradhya and Aryan.

As per the current story line, Purva and Pavitra want Aradhya to be thrown out of the house. For this purpose Pavitra keeps feeding certain herbs to Aradhya without Aradhya’s knowledge. These herbs have weird effect on Aradhya and she starts behaving in odd manner. Aradhya starts behaving like a possessed person and Purva – Pavitra make noise over Aradhya getting possessed by bad evil.

Aryan refuses to believe this and worries about Aradhya. Purva gets irked to see Aryan’s concern for Aradhya and plants one more plan. Purva and Pavitra decide to get Tantric home to convince Aryan that Aradhya has been possessed.

Tantric comes and tries to tell Aryan that he needs to get Aradhya out of home. Tantric adds that Aradhya can be harmful for Aryan and that’s why he needs to get separated from Aradhya. Aryan refuses to believe this while Tantric proposes Agnipariksha for Aradhya. Pavitra and Purva force Aradhya to take Agnipariksha by walking on the hot coal. Aradhya helplessly will be seen walking on the coal when suddenly Aryan will not be able to see Aradhya’s torture. He will pull Aradhya and will hold her in his arms. Further Aryan will slap the Tantric hard for all the pain inflicted over Aradhya.

Aryan will finally re-realize his love for Aradhya and he will promise to protect her always.

Let’s see how Pavitra and Purva react on the total failure of their plan in Krishnadasi.

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