Krishnadasi: Aryan to take Agnipariksha to save Aradhya

Jun 07, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Purva, Pavitra, tantric Kaveri to force Aradhya for Agnipariksha, Aryan to support Aradhya, will take Agnipariksha himself

The current track of Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) getting trapped in Purva – Pavitra’s plan and behaving like a possessed person is going to get intensified in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ show Krishnadasi. The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will show Aradhya getting in more trouble due to Purva and Pavitra while Aryan will be getting worried about Aradhya.

Ap per the latest news, Aradhya will be forced to do Agnipariksha while Aryan will step up and decide to do it himself in Krishnadasi.

It is known that Pavitra and Purva are feeding some herbs to Aradhya without her knowledge. The consumption of these herbs leads to Aradhya behaving strangely and like a possessed person. Pavitra informs everyone that some bad spirit has entered Aradhya’s body and hence she is behaving like mad. Aryan refuses to believe this and worries for Aradhya. However, under the herbs’ effect Aradhya behaves like Aryan’s grandmother and Aryan gets shocked.

Aryan’s concern for Aradhya grows and he tries to look after Aradhya. This creates waves of jealousy in Purva and she plans Tantric Kaveri’s meeting with Aryan. Aryan refuses to believe Kaveri’s allegations that Aradhya is possessed by evil soul. Seeing their plan failing Purva and Pavitra decide to bring Kaveri home to prove their point in front of Aryan and to break him away from Aradhya.

In the upcoming episode, Kaveri will ask Aryan to get away from Aradhya as she can be dangerous for him. Aryan once again turns down Kaveri’s words and thinks of taking Aradhya to the hospital. However, Kaveri will play new trick and will declare that Aradhya should take Agnipariksha. Kaveri will make Aradhya walk over the burning coal. Aradhya will be shocked but she will be pushed for Agnipariksha by Kaveri, Purva and Pavitra.

However, to Pavitra, Purva and Kaveri’s shock, Aryan will stop Aradhya from taking the agnipariksha and will decide to do it for saving Aradhya.

Let’s see if Pavitra and Purva’s reality comes out soon in Krishnadasi.

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