Krishnadasi fame Sana Amin Sheikh's strong stand against abusive fans

Aug 08, 2016

Krishnadasi's Sana Amin Sheikh bashes fans for questioning her religious stand on Facebook

Colors' show Krishnadasi has gained much popularity with the unique story line highlighting social problem of Devdasi which are referred to as Krishnadasis in the show and also because of the superb acting of lead actors Sana Amin Sheikh aka Aradhya and Shravan Reddy as Aryan. As Aradhya, Sana Amin Sheikh is portraying the role of Maharashtrian Hindu married lady and hence is seen sporting Mangalsutra and Sindoor. It is no secret that Sana is Muslim by religion and now her Muslim fan following seems to be angry with her for wearing Mangalsutra and Sindoor. Recently Sana's Social Media accounts of Facebook and Instagram were flooded with hate messages which pointed out that Sana is going against her religion by wearing Mangalsutra and Sindoor. Some of the comments were pretty nasty and seems to have angered the actress. Sana recently commented strongly against her haters and has put up staunch message for her abusive fans. Sana's message on Facebook reads "There r people who bash me asking why do I put sindoor after pack up.. (btw it goes off only when I wash my hair), even if I wear it by choice... does it make me less of a Muslim.. My Nani my Mum wore Mangalsutras... which is a "Hindu thing".. Does it make us less of a Muslim? I know I am going to get bashed at this too.. All those who are staunch Muslims who write to me .. Why don't you get off Insta and facebook... Isn't this entertainment.. why do you watch my soaps on TV.. Isn't it Haraam? Will Allah put me in dozzak because I wore sindoor? And will you go to jannat in spite of the fact that you wasted your time on facebook and other entertainment sources and that you gave me hidayat??" Well these are really some strong words from Sana against her haters. Let us know your opinion on the matter in the comments section below.

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