Krishnadasi headed for leap, Aradhya no more post leap

Aug 17, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Aradhya to be dead while Aryan to turn a devdas post time leap in Krishnadasi

Colors' popular show Krishnadasi is currently going through roller coaster of shocking events and soon will be taking a major leap. However, there will be some shocking changes in the story line of Krishnadasi and in Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya's (Sana Amin Sheikh) life with this said leap. Currently Krishnadasi is focusing on Kumudini's evil plans to keep Aradhya and Aryan separated. Though Aaba Saheb now wants Aryan to unite with Aradhya, Kumudini is not at all ready for it and wants to avenge Aaba Saheb in any way possible. Kumudini uses Shravani for this task and uses Shravani to create misunderstandings amid Aryan and Aradhya. In the latest episode, Shravani was seen spiking Shravan's prasad to make him unconscious and as Aryan faints Shravani applies lipstick marks on Shravan. As instructed by Kumudini, Shravani then covers herself with quilt and makes the drama of crying. On the other hand, David and Aradhya follow Jairaj as they suspect Jairaj for mixing poison in prasad. However, David and Aradhya reach Bhamini's house and Aradhya assumes that Bhamini is involved in all the plan. Aradhya asks the police to keep watch on Bhamini. Later Aradhya reaches to see Aryan where Shravani starts crying and alleges that Aryan took advantage of her. However, as per the recent revelation by sources, Krishnadasi will soon go in for leap and shockingly, Aradhya will be seen dead post the leap. Apparently Aryan will become a devdas and Shravani's look will completely change. Whether Aradhya will be really dead or she is assumed to be dead, is not clear yet. However, the proposed changes after the leap in Krishnadasi are really shocking. Let us know your opinion on changes post Krishnadasi leap in the comments section below.

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