Krishnadasi: Jairaj's attempt to rape Aradhya

Jun 06, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Jairaj to force himself on Aradhya and will call Aradhya mad once caught

Colors’ show Krishnadasi will soon come up with some shocking twists in already twisted storyline revolving around Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and Aryan (Shravan Reddy) as Aradhya is seen acting weird due to the evil plan of Pavitra and Purva. Soon, Purva’s evil brother Jairaj will be seen using Aradhya’s possessed condition for his benefit. Jairaj is known to have evil intentions towards Aradhya.

Apparently, Jaira will force himself on Aradhya and will call Aradhya mad in the upcoming episode of Krishnadasi.

As known till now, Purva and Pavitra have conspired against Aradhya to have her thrown out of the house. Accordingly Purva and Pavitra use application of certain herbs on Aradhya that leads to Aradhya behaving in weird manner. Aradhya behaves likes possessed person and Pavitra declares that some bad soul has entered Aradhya’s body. Aryan gets worried seeing Aradhya’s condition but refuses to believe that Aradhya is possessed. However, Aaradhya behaves like Aryan’s grandmother and Purva forces Aryan to see a Tantric. The Tantric informs Aryan that Aradhya carried bad spirit inside her.

Pavitra will later raise the suggestion of sending Aradhya to mental hospital, but Aryan will refuse to send Aradhya to mental hospital for the treatment.

Meanwhile, Jairaj who is attracted to Aradhya will feel happy to see Aradhya’s condition and will decide to take advantage of it. Jaidev will get in to Aradhya’s room secretly and will try to force himself on her. Aradhya will get scared and will scream waking up everyone. Aradhya will inform everyone frantically that Jaidev tried to misbehave with her. However, Jaidev will defend himself saying Aradhya is mad and is simply imagining things. Aradhya will feel helpless as everyone will believe Jairaj.

Aryan however will get worried about Aradhya while Aradhya will try to tell him Jairaj’s evil deeds again.

Will Aryan believe Aradhya?

Stay tuned to know the answers for the questions on your favorite show Krishnadasi.

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