Krishnadasi: Kumudini behind bars for Tulsi's murder, Aryan blames Aradhya

Jul 15, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aradhya finds Gun with Kumudini which matches with bullet with which Tulsi died, Aryan blames Aradhya for trapping Kumudini

The upcoming episode of Colors’ show Krishnadasi will turn highly dramatic with Kumudini getting arrested under the charge of Tulsi’s murder. Aradhya will inform police about Kumudini and will get her arrested for Tulsi’s killing. Aryan (Shravan Reddy) will once again be furious with Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) and will accuse her to have Kumudini trapped to support Aaba Saheb. Looks like the track of Tulsi’s death and hatred in Aryan’s mind for Aradhya will go on for long time, at least till the time Aryan is convinced of Aradhya’s innocence.

It is seen in Krishnadasi that Tulsi dies of gunshot while saving Aryan from Aaba Saheb’s attack. Aaba Saheb gets arrested for Tulsi’s murder. However, Aradhya takes Aaba Saheb’s side as she had removed all the bullets from Aaba Saheb’s gun. Aradhya gives her statement in Aaba Saheb’s favor in the court to prove him innocent. Further the forensic department also declares that the bullet with which Tulsi died was not shot from Aaba’s gun. Aaba is proved innocent in the Court, however, Aryan doesn’t get convinced.

Kumudini and Aryan accuse Aradhya of being the real culprit behind Tulsi’s death. Aryan breaks all his relations with Aradhya and disowns her. Aryan and Kumudini don’t let Aradhya to be part of Tulsi’d after death rituals and puja. Aradhya breaks down but still decides to prove her innocence and good motive to Aryan.

In the upcoming episode, Aradhya will notice a gun lying in Kumudini’s room. Aradhya will get surprised and will inform the Inspector about it. The Inspector will confiscate the gun from Kumudini and will send to Forensic department for check. Shockingly the bullet found in Tulsi’s body will match with Kumudini’s gun. Kumudini will get arrested under the blame of Tulsi’s murder. Aryan will be shocked and will refuse to believe this. He will once again blame Aradhya for trying to frame Kumudini.

Is Kumudini Tulsi’s real killer? Or is Jairaj trapping Kumudini for further rift in Aryan and Aradhya?

Stay tuned in for more updates on Colors’ show Krishnadasi.

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