Krishnadasi: Kumudini to demand Aaba's property

Jun 26, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Aaba throws lavish birthday party for Aradhya, Kumudini to demand Aaba's property in the party

Major twist is expected in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ show Krishnadasi during the birthday celebration of Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh). Aaba will throw grand party for Aradhya’s birthday and will declare that Aradhya and Aryan (Shravan Reddy) are no more in any relation. Aradhya will get completely shocked and shattered by Aaba’s announcement. Further Kumudini too will create problems for Aaba and Aradhya during the birthday celebration.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will once again highlight the family enmity amid Aaba Saheb and Kumudini. Kumudini will demand Aaba Saheb’s property in shocking twist. On the other side Aradhya too will insult Tulsi during the birthday party. Read the full story to know this spoiler on Krishnadasi.

As seen in Krishnadasi till now, Kumudini opens the secret of Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s origin in front of Aaba and rest of the family. Kumudini informs Aaba that Aradhya is his granddaughter while Aryan is her grandson. She tells Aaba that she had swapped the babies and hence Aryan went to Aaba’s family and Aradhya went to Krishnadasi family. Aaba accepts Aradhya but performs purification rituals on her. Aaba disowns Aryan and tells him to go away with Kumudini.

Aradhya and Aryan get shattered by this knowledge. Both love each other immensely, but Aaba refuses to accept Aryan and Aradhya’s relation. Aryan and Aradhya decide to be married and faithful to each other against the family enmity.

The upcoming episode of Krishnadasi will feature Aaba’s grand party for Aradhya’s birthday celebration. During the party Aaba will declare that Aradhya has no relation with Aryan. Right then Kumudini will enter the party and will give major shock to Aaba. Kumudini will claim that Aaba has written off his property to Aryan and hence he should give away the property to Aryan. Aaba will be shocked with sudden turn of events.

Let’s see how Aaba deals with Kumudini’s demand in Krishnadasi.

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