Krishnadasi: Kumudini to die, Aaba to celebrate Aradhya's birthday

Jun 24, 2016

Krishnadasi Upcoming: Evil Jairaj to kill Kumudini for property, Aaba to celebrate Aradhya's birthday with secret reason

Colors’ popular show Krishnadasi has always managed to keep the viewers intrigued to the show with the unexpected and sudden twists and the upcoming track of Krishnadasi will bring shocking turns for the viewers. Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya’s (sana Amin Sheikh) real identity revelation will lead to further complications in Krishnadasi. Evil Jairaj will be seen playing his new cards to get Kumudini’s property while Aryan and Aradhya will try to protect Kumudini from Jairaj. However, Aryan and Aradhya will fail to save Kumudini.

As per the latest news heard from the sources, Kumudini will be murdered by Jairaj over money issue and Kumudini’s character will see end in Krishnadasi. Aryan and Aradhya’s attempts to save Kumudini will turn futile.

It is seen that Kumudini reveals the secret of Aradhya being Aaba Saheb’s granddaughter while Aryan being her grandson. Aradhya and Aryan, along with Aaba get shocked while Aaba decides to bring Aradhya back home post her purification ritual. Aaba asks Aradhya to break her relation with Aryan and Aaba himself disowns Aryan. Aryan and Aradhya get disheartened over Aaba’s decision. Aryan and Aradhya go against Aaba’s decision and decide to never separate from each other. Aryan and Aradhya go to Krishna Temple and get married in front of Lord Krishna idle.

Meanwhile Jairaj gets out of the jail and approaches Kumudini for the settling the property matters of Raja Keshav. Kumudini will refuse Jairaj’s demand as Jairaj wants to siphon off with money. Jairaj will threaten to kill Kumudini and when she will not budge, Jairaj will murder Kumudini. Aryan and Aradhya will get the news of Kumudini’s life being in danger and they will attempt to sav her. However, Kumudini will meet her end.

On the other hand, Aaba will decide to celebrate Aradhya’s birthday in lavish and major celebrations with secret motive.

Stay tuned to know Aaba’s secret motive behind celebrating Aradhya’s birthday in Krishnadasi.

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