Krishnadasi: New Villain in Aryan and Aradhya's life

Jul 17, 2016

Krishnadasi Latest News: Shravani (Diya Makhija) to be the new antagonist in upcoming track of Krishnadasi on Colors

Amid all the confusions, misunderstandings, hatred and biases amid Aryan (Shravan Reddy) and Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) one more new twist is going to take place in Colors’ show Krishnadasi. It is seen that Aryan has disowned Aradhya as his wife under the blame that Aradhya is supporting Aaba Saheb in Tulsi’s murder case. Aradhya tries to prove her innocence in front of Aryan, however, Aryan pays no heed to Aradhya. Moreover, Kumudini too goes against Aradhya and instigates Aryan against her.

However, in a major twist in the upcoming episode of Krishnadasi new entry will take place that will create havoc in Aryan and Aradhya’s life. Actress Diya Makhija will enter Krishnadasi as Shravani and will be seen as the widow of the man who is allegedly killed by Aryan. Diya Makhija was last seen in Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki

As seen till now Krishnadasi, Aradhya proves in the Court that Aaba is innocent in Tulsi’s murder case as the bullet with which Tulsi died was not fired by Aaba’s gin. Aryan refuses to believe this and holds Aradhya responsible for siding guilty Aaba. Aryan calls off his marital relation with Aradhya, leaving her shattered.

In the upcoming episode a man will be seen dying under Aryan’s car and will die. Apparently Shravani is this dead man’s wife and she will reach Aryan’s place. Shravani will blame Aryan for her husband’s accidental murder. Shravani will create sympathy for herself in Krishnavati. Aryan will get helpless while Kumudini will think of making Aryan and Shravani get married to each other.

However, that’s not all about Shravani. Apparently Shravani has some hidden motive against Aryan, Kumudini and Aradhya. Shravani will turn out be negative character in Aryan and Aradhya’s life.

What is Shravani’s motive and plan in Krishnadasi?

To know more, keep reading this space for further updates on Krishnadasi.

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